Sport Psych FAQs

Where your BRAIN meets your GAME
Meaghan M. McCarthy, MA Sport Psychology

Owner and Performance Enhancement Specialist, Meaghan M. McCarthy built M3 Sport Psych as a commitment to optimizing the performance of southern California athletes, while increasing their overall experience and well being. Be it through one-on-one sessions or in group presentations, Meaghan will customize a plan and teach the essential skills needed to perform based off of thorough assessments of client needs and goals. The ability to focus, control energy & emotions, and feel confident are all controllable aspects of performance that often athletes leave to chance. M3 Sport Psych is where you will build a greater self-awareness, learn how to control your performance, and feel more satisfaction with your sport. M3 Sport Psych is where your brain meets your game. 

Meaghan M. McCarthy achieved  a Masters in Sport Psychology from John F. Kennedy University  and has worked with clients from all ages and skill levels from over a dozen sports. She is a member and participant of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology having presented her thesis research on the experience of being an elite ice hockey captain in 2011. Additionally while obtaining a Bachelors in Psychology at the University of Redlands, Meaghan played all 4 years on the collegiate Men's Ice Hockey team as a goalie and serving as a captain the last 2 years. She was even named Academic All American from the American Collegiate Hockey Assocation. M3 Sport Psych was born from her passion for enhancing the quality of other's lives and her experience with mental toughness playing for 18 years as the only female on hockey teams.