Sport Psych FAQs

For Individuals
For Groups
Frequent Service Goals

  • Sport Psychology Presentations on a variety of topics
  • Team Building
  • Coach Education
  • Parent Education
  • Specialized group sessions (i.e. injured athletes or captains)
Teach Clients to...
  • Cope with anxiety, pressures, stress, fear, and all other bumps in the road
  • Set goals that benefit motivation, focus, and confidence
  • Build the ability to sustain focus and refocus on what is important in the moment
  • Manage intensity levels as the environment and your energy changes
  • Use imagery/visualization to enhance physical performance and confidence
  • Communicate effectively with coaches and teammates
  • Finding the heart of motivation to perform
  • Recover from errors and "bad" performances
  • Foster leadership skills
  • Build performance routines for greater preparation
  • Become more confident
  • Prepare for major performances
  • Apply these skills autonomously
Support Clients by...
  • Providing empathy and compassion to your unique experiences
  • Providing a confidential and safe space to express yourself freely
  • Working with who you are and where you want to go
  • Being flexible and understanding
  • Checking in with progress and making adjustments along the way
  • Being non-judgmental and genuine
  • Collaborating with you 
  • Acting in a professional and ethical manner at all times. 
Challenge Clients to...
  • Build a greater self-awareness
  • Look at the bigger picture of your experiences
  • Apply the mental tools to everyday life
  • Push the boundaries of your comfort zone
  • Facilitate your own personal growth and achievement
  • Individual consultation is recommended if you want sport psychology tailored to your needs. Typically athletes meet with me for 50 minutes in an agreed upon location weekly or bi-weekly. I will work to accomodate your needs.
  • Individual services include thorough assessment, personalized action plans, and may include observation.